Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ping, Lead Guitar

See the guy on the far left of my banner? I decided to model him, he's the first humanoid model I've done in a while. I was pleased with the results. Here he is, at 5046 tris with a 2048 diffuse, spec, and normal map. I tried to keep him low-ish but still look pretty good if animated. I changed up the original design a bit, I thought that the X'ed-out eyes didn't lend much to the character, so I tried something different.

I thought 2048 was somewhat standard, so I went with 2048 just to be safe. From what I have learned with the guitar rifle, I could probably scale it down to 1024 and have it look close to the same, if not identical.

First time ever using spec maps. They're quite powerful I'm finding out. I was able to add a lot of detail in with the normal and diffuse map. For example, the stitches, eyes, wrinkles, elbow pads and knee pads are not quite fully modeled as part of the actual geometry, yet they really stand out as if they were. Those parts were a high priority and something I set out to accomplish with this character model early on.

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