Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a guuun, and a Geeee-tarr.
It's for the character I just modeled. I Haven't had much experience in modeling/texturing hard edged objects, so I thought this would be great practice, and also a fun object to create. designing it was enjoyable, and I had to do some thinking about the placement of the components for both the gun and guitar parts. The final tri count is 3954, with a 2048 spec, normal and diffuse map (oh yes, those maps are getting shrunk) .

I scaled the maps down to 1024x1024 and I honestly could not tell the difference. Here's a couple shots of it with its map sizes cut in half. The geometry remains the same at 3954 tris.

The final version without textures, only a normal map applied.

Here's the earliest version of it. It's made up of 3.8k tris.

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