Sunday, May 16, 2010

So it's working! Sweet! Here's how..

As you can see, my blog header is now animated! With the help of my friend we were able to find a workaround for blogger not displayng animated GIF's the way they should be displayed.

If anyone has plans of using animated graphics on their Blogger page and isn't sure how to get them working, just follow these steps. If you know your stuff, just skim over the bolded text.

- Host your GIF on another site. I'm using Imageshack at the moment and it seems to be working swell. You CAN upload it to Blogger, but it seems that the place your images are stored will not support your animated GIF's, but is more than happy to accept them and only display the first frame. That was the problem I was running into before.

- Once you have a media site hosting your GIF, make sure to view your GIF on the hosting site to make sure it's still working properly. Select your image and right click on it (or look nearby for any sharing options) . Imageshack features a "Share it" option, other sites *should* have something similar. Clicking on this option will bring up different links meant for different purposes.

- There should be several different links for you to copy and paste. Forums, thumbnails, etc. Click on the contents in the "Direct" field, and make sure all of the text is highlighted and copy that text.

- Now that you have your direct link to your host, try uploading the GIF to your Blogger site by clicking on the "Add Image" tool, then select "Or add an image from the web". Paste your link in that field, and save.

That should do it.

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  1. I like your layout, I'm a colorblind weirdo though.